Things to Do in San Francisco

If you follow me on Instagram (@thatrunninggirlblog), you know I visited San Francisco over the weekend. Because my husband works for an airline, we often take last-minute weekend trips. Since we are lucky enough to fly for free, we usually just stay a day or two (unless it’s a planned vacation) to explore the city and get back home with enough time to rest up for the week ahead.

This past Thursday night, we decided to fly out to San Francisco on Friday afternoon. My husband had never been and it’d been 16 years since I’d last visited California, so this seemed like the perfect destination for a weekend trip. Now that we’ve done San Francisco in less than 48 hours, I wanted to share a few must-sees and must-dos if you’re planning a quick trip to San Fran.

To Do

Fisherman’s Wharf

The wharf is a must-do in San Francisco. There are so many amazing restaurants, fun shops and incredible views from the piers. It’s so fun to walk around and explore.


Harbor Tour

There are several different tours that leave out of the wharf area that will give you close-up views of San Francisco icons like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. (We were lucky enough to see tons of dolphins on our tour!)



 Sausalito is a San Francisco Bay Area city and it is my absolute favorite. There are so many cute restaurants and shops here and you can walk everywhere. Plus, you can’t beat these views!


To See

Sea Lions at Pier 39

You can’t visit Fisherman’s Wharf without stopping to see the sea lions at Pier 39. These sea lions live here and they are absolutely adorable.


Golden Gate Bridge

This one’s a no-brainer when you visit San Francisco. The bridge is undoubtedly one of the most iconic places in the city and there are a number of ways you can enjoy it. Whether you drive, walk or bike across the bridge, the view is just as incredible no matter what.

12400729_10208501272559954_8693551757887308395_n (1)

Painted Ladies

Most of us recognize this area either from a postcard or from the opening scene of Full House (anyone else super excited for Fuller House?!). These houses have become so recognizable in San Fran and they are truly a treat to visit. To see these beautiful homes, you will go to Alamo Square.


To Eat

Hollywood Cafe

Our second day in San Fran, we woke up super early (to beat the crowd) and grabbed breakfast at Hollywood Cafe. This is the cutest little diner that serves incredible breakfast and lunch dishes.


Seafood Peddler

This seafood restaurant on the Sausalito Bay served the best clam chowder I’ve had in my life. Enough said.


The Stinking Rose

Be prepared to chew some gum after eating here. This restaurant bases all its dishes around one thing: garlic. All of the dishes are incredible seasoned and we really enjoyed visiting an authentic restaurant in Chinatown.


So those are my tips for San Francisco. I’d love to hear what tips you have (we are already planning a trip back soon!) when visiting San Francisco. :)

Styling a Bar Cart on a Budget

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on Pinterest ooo’ing and awe’ing over all the gorgeous decor and clothes. Or maybe, like me also, you are a blog lover and love seeing how other bloggers style their homes. One of the things I always admire most about other homes is how well people style their bar carts. However, I wasn’t willing to spend an arm and a leg decorating one. And so, my journey to styling my own bart cart began. Below are a few tips and tricks I have for styling a bar cart on a budget.

image1 (3)

Target dollar bin

I knew I wanted some cute paper straws for my cart, but didn’t want to spend much (especially since these will probably get used!). Enter Target dollar bin. They have several different designs all at $1 each. I also found a small tin that matched my straws to throw some (fake) flowers in.

Mix and match

I drive my husband crazy because I like to grab a few things from several different stores when putting together a room. For my bar cart, I knew exactly what I wanted, but also knew which places would have each item at the best price. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t drive more than 15 minutes from store to store, but I wasn’t afraid to make several stops.

Go used when possible

I am a huge advocate of the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I knew I wanted some fun books to add to my cart, but didn’t want to spend that much on them. I’m a big fan of Half Price Books for decorative books, but really any used book store will do. Here you can find books that are in like-new condition at a fraction of the price of a new book.

Total Cost – $109.50

Target bar cartfree – I waited until Christmas and asked for this cart for a gift. I have very nice in-laws. :)

Glasses – $10.50 – I found a 4-pack of standard cocktail glasses at Marshalls for $9 and a cute glass to hold my straws for $1.50

Books – $33 – I bought three like-new books at Half Price Books

Paper straws – $2 – Hello, Target Dollar bin (I bought two packs)

Vase – $3 – I ended up using a cute tin I found in the Target Dollar bin

Fake flowers – $22 – Hobby Lobby is perfect for things like this. I should have waited until flowers were 50% off, but got antsy. I was still able to use a coupon for one of the flowers.

Pelegrino – $6 – Standard cost for three bottles at Target

Framed saying – $15 – The frame was one I had around the house, but the cute calligraphy saying was one I purchased from my good friend Anna at Captivated Calligraphy.

Alcohol – free – We have quite a bit of liquor we’ve collected over the years that are all practically full (we stick to mostly beer and wine), so I just used what we had.

Shaker and ice bin – $18 – I found both on the clearance aisle at Marshalls

Lorna Jane Favorites + Holiday Soiree

Hi, friends. I wanted to take a minute to invite all of you to an upcoming holiday soiree of style, fitness and giving back! Come celebrate the season with Lorna Jane and other amazing bloggers, on Saturday, December 5th from 6 to 8 pm at the Lorna Jane store in West Village, Dallas (3700 McKinney Avenue). Lorna Invitation Final Version 1 (1)

It’ll be an evening of bites, sips, and giveaways! Bring canned goods for shopping discounts and extra chances to win amazing prizes. Jingle, mix and mingle with top names in style and health:

Socialite Pink
Lauren Sims of
Lauren Vandiver of
Amanda Miller of
Brooke Burnett of
Kileen Valenzuela of
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I also threw together some of my Lorna Jane must-haves that would make the perfect gift for the runner, yogi, cyclist, etc. in your life.

gift guide

Clean and Simple Eating

Love Tote Bag

Angelique Zip Through 

Flex It 3/4 Tight

Out Day Tank

Hey Girl Water Bottle

Havana Sports Bra

Stride Run Shorts

I really hope you all come out this Saturday. I’d love to meet you! It will be a really fun time to eat, drink and possibly do a little shopping. :)

Half Marathon Training: Weeks Four and Five

Hi there. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday weekend. I managed to make it through the weekend before getting sick today (half marathon training while sick = no good). I am hoping to kick this sickness ASAP so I can get back into it after taking the past two days off.

I realized I hadn’t recapped my last two weeks of half marathon training, so here it goes.

image1 (3)


Sunday: 6 miles

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 interval miles

Wednesday: Yoga for Runners

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3 easy miles

Saturday: 3 interval miles

Total Mileage: 16 miles


Sunday: 7 miles

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 40-minute hill treadmill workout

Wednesday: 3 easy miles

Thursday: 8 miles

Friday: Barre class

Saturday: Rest

Total Mileage: 21.5 miles

You’ll notice I kept my weekdays pretty light still (with the exception of Thanksgiving). This just seems to work better for me given my new work schedule, but I do find that my long runs are somewhat more challenging than the days when I was running 40+ miles.

Unfortunately, I had to take yesterday and today off since I’ve been sick, so I’m hoping to feel better by tomorrow and want to incorporate a little more mid-week mileage than I have been. I’ll keep you all posted. :)

How I Get Through Long Runs

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am in between family gatherings at the moment, so I figured I’d catch up on the blog. :)

This morning I ran 8 miles {recap of my last few weeks of half marathon training coming soon} for my long run this week. As I was running, I started thinking how difficult long runs can feel sometimes. On the days we just want to stay in bed an extra hour or be lazy after work, running longer distances can seem brutal. Here are a few things I do personally to make long runs seem more bearable.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

• Break up your run. There’s something daunting about starting off for an 8 (or more) mile run, so I try to break that into 2 four-mile runs. Four miles seem much more doable to me than eight. This morning I actually ran 5 miles outside and then came inside to run the last 3 on the treadmill (so I could watch Seinfeld on TV ha).

• Make sure you fuel properly. Distance running isn’t necessarily meant for someone trying to lose weight because longer runs require us to consume more calories before/during/after our run. I make sure to eat something substantial about an half and a half before my run, then try to eat something (or drink milk) within 10 minutes of my run.

• Treat yourself. I definitely don’t do this any time I run, but if I have an especially challenging run on my schedule (really anything 6 or more miles for me), I give myself something to look forward to after the run. Whether that be a good meal, a new pair of shoes or simply a manicure, this always motivates me to keep running.

• Stay motivated. Some of my best motivation comes from other bloggers. I love to read about other runners who are also training for something. Just knowing I’m not the only one out there running hard runs is enough to keep me going. {Hungry Runner Girl is one of my favorite running blogs to follow. She’s super motivational and an amazing runner!}

• Just keep running. It may seem obvious, but I constantly tell myself to keep running during a long run. Right now, I’m not in as good of shape as I was a few years ago, so longer runs are a struggle for me. But I can’t let that discourage me. I may not PR in my upcoming half marathon, and that’s totally fine with me. The fact that I’m completing the miles is enough for me right now.

I want to know how you stay motivated for long runs. I could definitely use the motivation as I get into the second half of my training plan!

SIX:02 Dallas 6K

This morning I was given the opportunity to run the SIX:02 Dallas 6K at Klyde Warren Park. This was my first time running a 6K distance (3.72 miles), so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, but it’s officially my new favorite distance. I really enjoy the 5K distance because you can truly push yourself, but it never feels quite long enough. Problem solved.image1To make this race even more exciting, I knew several other girls running. Luckily, I was able to meet up with Andrea from Loubies and Lulu prior to the race and we ended up running the entire race together. Running with a friend is always so much more fun than running alone! And having someone to talk to the entire time made the time fly by.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The race’s after party was by far the best I’ve seen. As soon as we were finished running the race, Andrea and I headed over to the Sweaty to Ready Spa area where we were handed the most adorable nameplate necklaces on a silver platter (literally… a silver platter!).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

There were tons of great sponsors at the event including Buda Juice, FlyWheel, Quest Nutrition and The Barre Code.


There were also several spa treatments offered like manicures, massages and makeup and hair services—all free!

If you get the opportunity to run the SIX:02 Dallas 6K next year, I highly recommend it. It’s an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by incredible women and to receive a little pampering afterwards!

*This post is sponsored by SIX:02; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Half Marathon Training: Week Three

I wanted to start this post by saying hey to all the amazing bloggers I met over the weekend at the Athleta Stonebriar one-year birthday. The event was a blast and there were some great companies there. Plus, who wouldn’t love an event that offers free wine and massages?!image1 (2)Overall, this week was a little crazy. I started a new job two weeks ago and have been adjusting to a new schedule. My plan throughout this training is to give myself two rest days each week. Unfortunately, my schedule got the best of me this week and I ended up taking three rest days. Not ideal, but I do feel like I got in some great strength training on Friday, so I’m happy overall.

My long run for the week was six miles. Thankfully the weather in Texas is finally starting to cool down, so I had a beautiful run outside on Saturday. I actually ran my first half mile at an 8-minute pace without any effort. I’m hoping the weather stays like this for a little while so I can enjoy my long runs on the weekend!


Sunday: Rest

Monday: 3-mile interval run

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3-mile run

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Crosstraining + Strength

Saturday: 6 mile-run

Total Mileage: 12 miles